Winter Break Adventures

I joined Dayton for the second year in a row as we embarked on four days of adventure around LA: Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm (not pictured), the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, and the racetrack at Santa Anita. We had to cancel the last day, which was going to be full of driving around the Hollywood Hills, due to me catching a fever (thanks a lot flu season!).

Day One: Universal Studios 

For living in socal and having only been to Universal once in my life, it was great to visit a second time. Sadly, we only got to go on three rides, due to both the long lines and freezing, rainy weather: the Harry Potter 3-d ride, the Back-lot Tour, and the Minions ride. Dayton and I got passes, so we plan to return more in 2017!

The day was a chilling 42° at it’s start.
Harry Potter World

Signed money under the counter, seen at the pizza hole in the wall we visited at the end of the day.

Day Three: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 
On day three we headed to the Ronald Reagan Library. I consider this to be a hidden gem for many in the LA region. Visiting only a month after voting in the presidential election for my first time was especially valuable, and helped us learn more about the value of American democracy.

Just one of the architecturally fascinating attractions of the day.
Hello, Mr. and Mrs. President!
A life-sized model of the Oval Office.

Air force one baby! Oh, not to mention, this is the actual plane that three former presidents used.
More architectural beauty.
A room with a view!
No pictures allowed inside, but once we exited the plane, I was able to get a new perspective.

The Irish Pub right below Air Force One. I got to experience the joy of eating fudge, and learned that Reagan loved jelly beans.
Yep, you guessed it. Made out of jelly beans!
Farewell day three!

Day Four: Santa Anita Racetrack

At Santa Anita Racetrack, the day consisted of phenomenal food court Mediterranean food beforehand (not pictured, sadly😭), losing $20 (I would gain $18 of it back), and lots of cigarette smoke in the air. Oh, and plenty of beautiful horses running at insanely high speeds, but sometimes not fast enough for one to make anything off of their bet. Having been my second year in a row, visiting the track after Christmas might just become tradition from now on.

The temporary starting line.
Couple at the derby💖

Can’t wait until next years adventure!

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