My Top Three Skills & Talents


Of all of the multiple types of projects that I’ve handled and completed, I have definitely been able to notice a pattern in which types of skills and talents I’ve had to utilize. Talents of both the natural and acquired variety are transferable, and I believe that they can be demonstrated in a multitude of different ways. Here are my top three skills and talents, and how I’ve been able to use them:

1.) Independence

Since I was a young girl, my parents, as well as teachers, as well as anyone else who I got to chat with for more than a few minutes, saw that I liked to march to the beat of my own drum.

In fact, one of the earliest stories I can remember had to do with me thinking outside the box. Literally. My parents were trying to get me into a private school as a kindergartner, and one of the “tests” was for me to draw an apple inside the box. I decided to draw it outside the box instead, just to be stubborn. They said that I wasn’t “quite mature enough” and thus rejected me as a student. No regrets.

Nowadays, I prefer to not rebel just for the sake of being a rebel. My independence and self-starting attitude comes out in other ways. As a kid, one of my first entrepreneurial pursuits (well, after running my own lemonade stand, of course) was starting an Etsy shop to sell my photography and artwork. Needless to say, I didn’t sell much. But the few things I did sell taught me how to communicate with customers and appeal to their needs. I also ended up having to learn how to order prints, despite not knowing anything about that process previously.

More recently, I have ran a boutique and used clothing shop online through the Poshmark platform, and I also work as a luxury furniture salesperson at Z Gallerie. With my boutique, I manage the entire marketing funnel, from product listings to generating leads to packaging the products in a way that fits my brand. At Z Gallerie, I’m expected to start on projects and find solutions to problems without much overhead. Of course my Managers are always there to help, but I have been able to find many ways to improve our store and sales on my own, such as creating a more efficient system to make sure all products are tagged correctly and thinking of new ways to generate more sales from past clients.

2.) Creativity

Like my independent streak, I also must say my creative streak has been with me since a young age. I’ve been able to show my artistic side through many mediums and platforms. For example, with my Etsy store, I originally sold original paintings only. However, I eventually discovered how to make prints, and thus I started selling my photography as well. Eventually, I learned how to make felt figurines and started to sell those, creating figurines likes witches and Santa that were themed around the holidays.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve began to display my creativity in several different ways. With my Poshmark store, I’ve had to create flatlays and photograph (as well as edit the photographs) the products I sell in such a way that they appeal to customers and stand out on their Poshmark feed. I also created an Instagram account for my store, where I had to create content that had a cohesive feel. This project helped me learn how important aesthetics are in branding.

With Z Gallerie, I’ve also had to use my creativity. I have had to use merchandising and interior decorating skills to create appealing displays within our store. I’ve also helped customers decorate entire rooms of their homes, sometimes with only their verbal descriptions of the room and some measurements and dimensions of the area.

Most recently, I’ve been practicing creating email layouts on graphic design programs such as Indesign and Piktochart. Knowing where to place links and call to actions on email newsletters is extremely important, so learning these skills to help create more effective email newsletters has been extremely valuable.

3.) Communication & Interpersonal Skills

My last top-skill is the ability to communicate. I believe that my ability to communicate in both the verbal and written form stems from my interpersonal intelligence. I consider myself to have great intuition and not to sound hippy-dippy, but I guess I also consider myself to be an empath. These abilities of mine have allowed me to see things from multiple perspectives and understand the experiences of people from many walks of life.

I’ve used written communication in several different ways. Writing listings for products in my Poshmark store has taught me how to write effective copy and to use words that are currently trending to engage as many customers as possible. I have also learned how to write effective email copy. My first copy writing cold-email campaign was completed last month, and with an overall click-rate of 4% (almost 2% higher than the health industry average), the campaign proved to be effective at converting leads. I’ve also written thank you notes to clients of my Poshmark store and Z Gallerie as a way of thanking them for their business and inviting them back to shop more.

Verbal communication has always been a bit more of a struggle for me. Despite my tremendous ability to read into people, my introverted nature has often prevented me from being the one to initiate conversation. However, my time at Z Gallerie has forced me to step out of my shell and to be the one to start the talking. Everyday that I work, I have approached several people who I have never previously met to try to engage in a conversation and eventually sell on a product. By paying attention to cues such as who they’re shopping with, what products they are gravitating towards, and even what they are dressed like, I can get a better idea of their background and thus adjust my initial approach.

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