My Favorite Pair of Shoes

As someone who loves fashion (and thus buying more clothing than I probably need), it’s often hard for me to take the time to search for articles that will be multi-functional. Instead, I often buy fun statement pieces impulsively, without stopping to think if I’ll really be able to wear them with more than oneContinue reading “My Favorite Pair of Shoes”

What I’ve Learned From Blogging (Almost) 30 Days in a Row

For almost the past 30 days, I’ve been committed to writing one blog post per day as part of the┬áPraxis┬ámonth two writing module. There have been some days that I’ve failed. Other days I’ve kicked butt and got multiple done at a time. It takes hustle. It takes drive. It helped create the excitement IContinue reading “What I’ve Learned From Blogging (Almost) 30 Days in a Row”

Not to be Cliche,But Here’s a List of My Quirks

Alright guys. I’ve fallen victim. I don’t know what else to write and so therefore, today, I’ll be writing a list of cool stuff I like, weird stuff I have done, and things I wish I could do. Hopefully it’s not too boring. I tried to make it not be. 1.) I love eating aContinue reading “Not to be Cliche,But Here’s a List of My Quirks”

My Top Three Favorite Movies Based off of Non-Fiction Books, and My Moral Interpretation of Each

My favorite part of reading or watching any story, whether based on a true story or not, is always finding the moral of the story. For some stories, the moral is pretty obvious. For others, there may be several morals, which can all be just as well fitting for said story. And yet others mayContinue reading “My Top Three Favorite Movies Based off of Non-Fiction Books, and My Moral Interpretation of Each”

You Don’t Have to be an Expert to Give Great Advice

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know by know that I’ve been writing daily as part of my blogging for 30 days challenge. As I’ve been in the process of writing, I often have been coming across a feeling of being an imposter. That is, feeling like I don’t really know whatContinue reading “You Don’t Have to be an Expert to Give Great Advice”

How Can Your Local Mom n’ Pop Business Expand?

You ever hear about that sad statistic? The fact that 80% of small businesses fail within the first year and a half? Yeah, that’s just bad. No wonder so many people fear leaving their secure nine-to-fives to go start the business of their dreams. While there are several factors that lead to these businesses runningContinue reading “How Can Your Local Mom n’ Pop Business Expand?”

Do It When You Think of Doing It

When you have an idea, write it down. This is advice that I personally should tell mtself to take. I can’t begin to tell you how many brilliant ideas I have had that have been lost simply because I failed to follow my own advice. Whether ideas for businesses or ideas for the blog postsContinue reading “Do It When You Think of Doing It”

Three Things I’ve Learned as a Clothing Flipper

Over the past year, I have taken my Poshmark business very seriously. Though I have dabbled in selling retail, I have specialized in flipping clothing, whether that be clothing from thrift shops, outlets, or even my very own closet. It has certainly been a learning experience, with enough bad ratings and awkward descriptions to count.Continue reading “Three Things I’ve Learned as a Clothing Flipper”

I Witnessed a Collision Through Rose Colored Lenses

Just yesterday morning, I witnessed a car accident. This was the second one I’ve witnessed this month, the third one in the past few months. I got to watch this one play out. I was sitting inside a laundromat, reading while waiting for my clothes to wash. All of the sudden, I heard a horn honkingContinue reading “I Witnessed a Collision Through Rose Colored Lenses”

Above All, Health is All We’ve Got

If you ever really have stopped to think about it, our health is all we really have. The saddening truth of the matter is, that once your body deteriorates, you have no way to complete whatever duties you have left to complete on earth. I won’t bother getting into whether or not God or heavenContinue reading “Above All, Health is All We’ve Got”