The Desert Box – One Way to Satiate Your Plant Addiction

Now, there is the savior all us green-thumbed plant enthusiasts need – The Desert Box. The year of the subscription box may just have been 2017, but the trend continues to dominate every market. And with The Desert Box, we see that there truly is room in every market for a subscription box, even for plants.

The Desert Box is a subscription-based succulent and cactus delivery service, although they do offer plants for those who don’t want to commit to paying a fee each month. The plants are adorable, easy to take care of, and come with a wooden planter, soil, moss and decorative pebbles, and care cards for each plant. It’s also a surprise as to what kind of succulent you’ll get – each Desert Box is unique, and with several hundred different types of succulents and cacti, its unlikely that you’ll ever get the same plant twice!

There are three different types of boxes you can get – the “uno”, a single succulent or cactus in a wooden planter, the “dos”, two cacti or succulents in a larger wooden planter, or the “unboxed”, a single succulent or cacti, either 2.5″ or 4″ in height. There is also a quarterly subscription model offered for the uno and the dos, perfect for those who don’t have the space or ability to care for a new lil plant each month!

what you see when you open your Desert Box. photo credited to

The Desert Box starts as low as $6 a month for the unboxed 6″, but can cost up to $139.99 if you want to get a prepaid subscription for the dos box. It may seem expensive, but by doing a prepaid subscription, The Desert Box will actually ship each box for free within the U.S.! Plus, doing a prepaid subscription will definitely save you money in the long run, up to $200 per year. Not bad for a little box of prickly joy delivered to your doorstep each month, right?

my Desert Box – a fun little project plant indeed!

If you’re passionate about gardening and have a green-thumb (or even a lack of one, thereof), I can’t recommend The Desert Box enough! As someone who has actually owned my own Desert Box, I can say it’s certainly a great way to bring in some green to the home. Definitely check out @thedesertbox on Instagram and Pinterest for some greenspiration, and check out their website to purchase!

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