Thrifting is Evolving – So Here’s Why I’ll Never Shop a Traditional Thrift Store Again.

As a young woman interested in fashion, but aware of the environmental impact that going through clothing has (as well as the impact on my pocketbook), I’m a huge fan of thrifting. Thrifting, however, can be a hit-or-miss kind of experience. You go into your neighborhood Goodwill, spend a good three hours, rummaging through the endless racks of clothing, only to come out with one or two items, one of which might even have a funky odor. Sometimes, you leave with nothing.

Some shops such as Buffalo Exchange have tried to combat this problem by only accepting items if they meet their standards of cleanliness and quality. However, there is still a problem encountered here – shoppers can’t shop online! And with only so many locations to shop at, Buffalo Exchange isn’t an option for most thrifters.

However, two years ago, I found an alternative: Poshmark.

Credited to @bwenger on Poshmark

Poshmark is the online thrift shop we all need – with sellers individually listing their items and competing against other sellers, we know that the incentive to provide top quality items is high. As the buyer, once also has the ability to see love notes given for sellers, which will give you further confidence that you are buying top notch goods.

There are several types of fashion and accessories that can be bought on the platform, ranging from purses, shoes, dresses, and even beauty products. They also have recently introduced the option for men’s and children’s products to be sold on the platform! Products are easy to search for, as the seller can edit the listing by brand, color, and leave specific measurements in the description. And you as the buyer have the option to comment and negotiate prices, even for a bundle of multiple products! This leaves us a fun, easy, and interactive shopping experience that is good from start to finish.

As the buyer, however, you may wonder: “Can I too sell my clothing? Is there any fees or special membership needed to do so?”. The answer is yes you can! And no, there isn’t any membership fees that you’ll need to pay. Listing is completely free, however, Poshmark does charge a 20% fee on your earnings, so price your listings accordingly.

I started as a buyer before starting to sell – check out my own Poshmark closet here!

Poshmark, however, is not just a platform for buying and selling clothing; Poshmark is also a community for all who share a passion for fashion. With weekly posh parties, listing sharing, and the ability to link your closet to outside social media such as Pinterest, Poshmark is an interactive shopping experience that allows us to buy used clothing with less hassle. You’ll finally find what you’re looking for – and you won’t have to pay a premium for it, either.

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