Roman Aroma – The Scent of Freshly Ground Italian Coffee is Closer than you Think

It’s not often that you go to an eatery that almost literally transports you to another country.

Not that I’ve ever been to Italy, but my visit to Roman Aroma sure made me feel like I have.

Upon arriving, you immediately feel the difference between the American Coffee Shop and the Italian Caffe. The warmth of the baristas, who are willing to discuss the different types of beans used in the espresso machine or how the cannoli is the best outside of Italy, is unlike the rushed, systematic workers of your traditional Starbucks. Doubling as servers, the friendly staff will bring out your food and drink to your table, even offering you a napkin or glass of water to help wash it down. As owner Francesco says, Italian Caffes operate very similarly to American bars, “where customers socialize easily and the staff knows that a smile and a warm word is as important as efficiency”.

Although I’ve only been able to stop by Roman Aroma a few times, I’ve had the fortune of trying several different items off of their menu. Here are my top three favorite:

Espresso Marocchino

Roman Aroma 1
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Imagine a shot of espresso, blended together with a delicious cocoa powder, then topped off with frothy cream and caramel. This is the espresso marocchino, and Roman Aroma aces this lesser known concoction. If you’re a hater of strong coffee, the decadent layers of this shot will make you forget you’re drinking it in it’s most pungent form.


Roman Aroma 2
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The best I’ve ever had, no questions asked. Roman Aroma offers tons of flavors, ranging from fruity wild strawberry to more classic flavors, such as pistachio and, of course, coffee. My personal favorite is the chocolate mixed with caramel.

On Tuesdays, it’s only $2.50 per serving – what better incentive to try such a decadent treat?

Salmon Croissant Sandwich

Roman aroma 3
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Tasty raw smoked salmon forms the foundation of this sandwich. Next, add a buttery croissant, cream cheese, fresh arugula, and capers, and you have yourself a quick bite just ready to melt in your mouth. You’ll feel surprisingly satiated, but will probably want seconds all at the same time.

Feel hungry? Need a shot of energy? Plan your visit today and don’t be surprised if you leave feeling like you just visited Rome itself!

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