Pay More for Brand Name, or Less for Brandless

Ever heard of the BrandTax?

No, it’s not a literal tax that the government charges us, whether the consumer or the company, to pay for or manufacture brand-named goods. According to Brandless, it’s actually just the hidden cost that household name companies charge us to buy their goods. This might mean hidden costs that come from marketing campaigns, packaging, or publicity efforts. If you’ve ever noticed and wondered why brand name products often cost significantly more than their store-brand counterparts, then the above statement should answer your questions.

While many stores offer their own counterpart for common household products such as paper towels, milk, and shower gels, it’s less common to see them offer an alternative to the often overpriced organic or fair trade brands. Brandless is a company setting out to conquer the BrandTax on these products that less often have an alternative. They sell a range of often organic or fair trade products in the categories of food, household, beauty, personal care, health, and even home & office supplies. The goal is clearly to offer products that are both focused on health and sustainability, while charging a more affordable price than you’ll find in most brick and mortar grocery stores or pharmacies.

Brandless Organic Honey, $3, compare to $4.75 elsewhere. Buy at

Perhaps the easiest part of the shopping experience is the pricing: Brandless charges a simple $3 for every product they sell, no more, no less. If you subscribe to their email list, they’ll offer $1 shipping on your first order. Plus, your savings will be calculated every quarter, which they base on pricing of similar products from five major retailers. This is a simple way to track your savings and determine which products are best to order from Brandless, and which are better to buy elsewhere. Brandless is, however, committed to the lowest pricing for products of its caliber.

Brandless Fluoride Free Toothpaste, $3, compare to $4.99 elsewhere. Buy at

They don’t just stop there, however: Brandless has also committed to feeding 1,650,000 people through it’s partnership with Feeding America by May of 2018.

Brandless Greens and Antioxidants Supplement, $3, compare to $9.20 elsewhere. Buy at

Brandless’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and affordability have made me interested in trying their products, so I will be ordering a few different products soon and updating here on my experience. Until then!

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