Headspace: The Best Mindfulness App On the Market

If you’re one who has an interest in self-help or personal wellness, you most likely have already heard plenty about the benefits of meditation. You may want to start your own practice, however, as a beginner with limited knowledge and experience, the practice may seem intimidating. As a beginning meditator, you may have already felt like giving up because of that.

The good thing is, there are several sources of knowledge that cater to beginners to help with starting a practice. And if less interested in learning about the history and philosophy behind meditation than you are interested in just starting, then Headspace is the perfect app for you.

With several guided meditations, Headspace is a great app for those who need guidance when meditating. The free “Basics” pack is a great way to begin your journey and get a sense of what the process of meditation is like. There are also “Minis”, which are short, one-minute meditations which are great for when you need a quick reboot or are short on time.

Who wouldn’t wanna feel as zen as this dog?

While the free meditations are of great benefit, there is also great benefit to a subscription. When subscribing to Headspace, you’ll gain access to the full library of meditations in the Headspace app. These range from coping exercises to pre-game meditations for sports players, and even visually guided meditations with calming animations. And at a price of only $7.92 per month (for an annual subscription), it’s so worth it.

Looking to begin your own practice? With Headspace, meditation and mindful living is made easy. Just follow through on your end, and the app will help guide you the rest of the way. Get ready to feel mental clarity very soon!

Download for iOS

Download for Android

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