Complete Digital Marketing Course, 4/7/18-4/8/18: Email Marketing Part 2

For days five and six, I have continued to learn about email marketing. However, I’ve focused more on how to build a list and start the campaign. Here are my notes:

Add a Lead Magnet To a Sign Up Form

A lead magnet is a bribe, or other type of incentive to get subscribers for your email list. Here are a couple of things that can work for you ad a lead magnet:

  • Discount code for your product
  • Free trial or sample
  • E-book or other informational packet or video content

To begin your lead magnet, you’ll have to change the language on your signup page or popup. Make sure to make the incentive clear, for example, “Want 20% off your first purchase? Sign up for our email offers and we’ll send you the code!”.

You’ll want to edit your signup in both Mailchimp (Signup > Embedded Forms > Change Form Title) and WordPress (Appearance > Widgets > Text > Add code after updating Mailchimp to the Content Textbox).

Convert Your Homepage to a Landing Page

Create a landing page on your website. This way, any visitors will immediately be prompted to sign up, rather than see your blogposts as a first stop:

  1. Add two new pages – “blog” and “home”.
  2. First, make your static front page: Setting> reading > front page displays> static page > home.
  3. Add your signup form to the homepage by copying the HTML code from mailchimp.
  4. Update your navigation bar by adding the “blog” to new navigation bar.

Add Popup and Opt-In Forms

Go to and look up the WP Subscribe Pro plugin. This plugin will allow you to add a popup and adjust the colors and font of your mailing list sidebox:

Instructions: upload plugin, add in Mailchimp API and list id, and designate “thank you” page.

Now… Lets Make Our First Mailchimp Campaign!

Make sure you clarify which list you want to send your campaign to!

Then, choose from the set up mailchimp templates. Choose one that will match your needs for graphics, textboxes, etc.

Now, integrate google analytics with Mailchimp to track your email campaign through G.A.: Mailchimp> account>  integrations> confirm

Make sure that you write a good call to action. Add this to the button function.

Test your email to make sure there are no technical issues or issues with your copy, etc.

Finally, before you send, think about the timezone your target audience is in. If it’s not the best time, schedule to send out the campaign at a later time!

Email Analytics and Metrics to Check

Google Analytics Metrics:

  • Website Sessions Per Campaign
  • Conversion Rate – goal completions per campaign


  • Open Rate – track the effectiveness of your subject line copy.
  • Click Rate – track the effectiveness of your email copy, layout, graphics, etc.
  • Unsubscribe rate – how many users unsubscribed during this email campaign?


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