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Welcome to my world and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Kaity O’Keefe, and I’m a Digital Marketer who helps coaches and e-commerce brands in the Health and Wellness industry with their marketing needs – specifically with social media content and advertising, email marketing, and website content, as well as guidance on creating overall digital marketing strategies for their brand.

My journey into marketing started as a kid. My dad ran his own marketing consultancy from home, and so I was able to witness much of his work from the sidelines. I grew up listening in on his client calls, and quickly picked up on the meaning of terms like search engine marketing, ranking, and keywords (his specialty is in SEO!).

I was quickly interested in the world of marketing and how it could be applied in entrepreneurship. I started my first “real” business at age 12 on Etsy.com selling art and photography prints. Though I barely raked in the money, I still learned a ton from this experience through applying the basic marketing skills I had acquired at such a young age.

By age 16, I dove into another business – opening my own boutique on Poshmark. Through this venture, I learned so much about social media marketing, SEO, and content creation, as Poshmark required skills in a bit of each in order to be successful! I quickly gained lots of traction, making over 200 sales the next year just from this side hustle that took less than 10 hours of my time per week.

After graduating, I went on to work at two different companies: one startup, and one local business. At both, I continued to hone in on my marketing skills and provide value to the company with these skills and the projects I was able to complete due to them.

Now, I’m focusing on building my business as a virtual marketing assistant. I have big goals of helping with digital marketing strategy for health & wellness brands, whether that calls for engaging social media content, a strategic Facebook Ad campaign to generate new leads, or an email campaign that will help nurture and eventually close those leads!

I’d love to connect and learn how we can work with each other. Feel free to reach out to me through:

Email: kaityokeefe@gmail.com

Instagram: @thekaityokeefe

Facebook: Kaity O’Keefe

LinkedIn: Kaity O’Keefe

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