Email Copy, Layout, and Re-Design Project

Copy is an important part of marketing. It creates a rapport with a potential buyer that is similar to the rapport that salespeople build with their customers. Without good copy, companies will fail to convert cold leads into more qualified, or even warm leads. A brief introduction, and then a sentence or two on what you are trying to get the reader to either buy, read, or request more information on is usually sufficient before you introduce the call to action.

Email design and layout is also an important mark that many companies don’t focus enough attention on. Knowing how to direct the reader’s eye is important if you want them them clicking your call to action.

With the email examples in my portfolio project, I got three takeaways: 1.) write effective copy, and know who your audience is, 2.) layout your email in a way that the eyes will gravitate to the call to action and other important parts of the email, and 3.) focus on the design and make sure that the email fits the brand aesthetic of the company sending the email.

facebook email example

Want to see how I reworked the above email and more? Click here to see this and nine more examples!


 “Kaity is a great person to work with. I hired her to write a series of prospecting emails to support an outbound email campaign driven by Facebook ads. She was prompt and finished the assignments before the deadlines. More importantly her copy got us some massive open rates and got our emails in front of the right people.” – Connor Jeffers, Partner at Growth Panda

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