Headspace: The Best Mindfulness App On the Market

If you’re one who has an interest in self-help or personal wellness, you most likely have already heard plenty about the benefits of meditation. You may want to start your own practice, however, as a beginner with limited knowledge and experience, the practice may seem intimidating. As a beginning meditator, you may have already feltContinue reading “Headspace: The Best Mindfulness App On the Market”

The One Book that has Helped me Confidently Begin my Meditation Journey

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may already know the benefits of meditation, and have therefore looked into the practice as a way of reducing stress and improving your own cognition. However, meditation is one thing that is easier said than done – many experts say that it takes several years to truly masterContinue reading “The One Book that has Helped me Confidently Begin my Meditation Journey”

How Cooking Light is Helping Me Learn How to Make Healthy Food

So you have big health goals, but you know that in order to succeed, you’re probably going to have to stop eating out so much. Therefore, you’ve wanted to learn to cook, and you know you should probably start soon. The only problem is, it’s hard to find healthy recipes online. And these recipes mustContinue reading “How Cooking Light is Helping Me Learn How to Make Healthy Food”

Pay More for Brand Name, or Less for Brandless

Ever heard of the BrandTax? No, it’s not a literal tax that the government charges us, whether the consumer or the company, to pay for or manufacture brand-named goods. According to Brandless, it’s actually just the hidden cost that household name companies charge us to buy their goods. This might mean hidden costs that comeContinue reading “Pay More for Brand Name, or Less for Brandless”

Nike Free RN: Barefoot Running Without the Bare Feet

Do you hate running? It might be because it feels unnatural to you, and I mean that in the most literal sense. I can personally attest: I hated running up until I left high school. During my school years, I would dread “the mile” – which is basically what it sounds like. A timed mileContinue reading “Nike Free RN: Barefoot Running Without the Bare Feet”

Three of my Favorite Types of Seeds from SeedsNow!

A few days ago, I wrote about a great subscription service for those who love plants, but not necessarily the care-taking aspect of them. However, for every lack of green thumb we have, there are several who love dedicating their time to plants and their watering, feeding, and trimming. Many of us also love growingContinue reading “Three of my Favorite Types of Seeds from SeedsNow!”

The Desert Box – One Way to Satiate Your Plant Addiction

Now, there is the savior all us green-thumbed plant enthusiasts need – The Desert Box. The year of the subscription box may just have been 2017, but the trend continues to dominate every market. And with The Desert Box, we see that there truly is room in every market for a subscription box, even forContinue reading “The Desert Box – One Way to Satiate Your Plant Addiction”

Above All, Health is All We’ve Got

If you ever really have stopped to think about it, our health is all we really have. The saddening truth of the matter is, that once your body deteriorates, you have no way to complete whatever duties you have left to complete on earth. I won’t bother getting into whether or not God or heavenContinue reading “Above All, Health is All We’ve Got”