Headspace: The Best Mindfulness App On the Market

If you’re one who has an interest in self-help or personal wellness, you most likely have already heard plenty about the benefits of meditation. You may want to start your own practice, however, as a beginner with limited knowledge and experience, the practice may seem intimidating. As a beginning meditator, you may have already feltContinue reading “Headspace: The Best Mindfulness App On the Market”

The One Book that has Helped me Confidently Begin my Meditation Journey

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may already know the benefits of meditation, and have therefore looked into the practice as a way of reducing stress and improving your own cognition. However, meditation is one thing that is easier said than done – many experts say that it takes several years to truly masterContinue reading “The One Book that has Helped me Confidently Begin my Meditation Journey”

Above All, Health is All We’ve Got

If you ever really have stopped to think about it, our health is all we really have. The saddening truth of the matter is, that once your body deteriorates, you have no way to complete whatever duties you have left to complete on earth. I won’t bother getting into whether or not God or heavenContinue reading “Above All, Health is All We’ve Got”

Treat Your Personal Commitments As Your Would Treat an Appointment

Are you someone who treats others time with more respect than your own? If so, it might be important for you to start prioritizing your time in a similar manner. I, for one, am a person who tends to fall into this trap. Appointments and time sensitive commitments set by others are often treated withContinue reading “Treat Your Personal Commitments As Your Would Treat an Appointment”